Cross Filter overwrite existing filter

  • 18 September 2021
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Is it possible for a cross filter to overwrite an existing dashboard filter.

For Ex if i have a date filter and when using cross filters it brings both the product and date info, i want those filters to be applied to all my other looks in the dashboard and the existing date field to set to the new date, is it something possible with the existing functionality . if not is it possible when cross filter is used a new pop happens like a new window so that i new filters are applied to that dashboard


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1 reply

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For any one looking into this , we had a date field bought in which was used as the dashboard filter into all looks. Lets say you use a different date field , write a simple join which would equate dates so that 1=1 and dates match, now when the dates match hide the original date field in the look and bring the new dates on , so that the values remain same and you can use it in the cross filter