Creating Panel Chart Visualization

  • 1 March 2019
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Hi All,

I am looking to create Panel Charts (similar to Excel) in Looker. The idea is I want to visualize my data with either a vertical or horizontal separation as sometimes it is hard to read/define trends when you have more than 5 in a visualization.

I want to end up with something like this or even better have it stacked in the opposite way (i.e. brand on the y axis layered with the score, then quarters on the x axis).

If anyone knows of a way I can do this / if there is a better visualization to show multiple fields & how the data needs to be set up in Looker it would be much appreciated!




3 replies

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Hi Janet! Perhaps this might be better visualization for you?

All you have to is to use the pivot function! In your case, pivot the brand. Then add the time dimension and the 2 other measure of osat and nps in your case. In any case, there are custom visualization that Looker provides (for free). However, you’ve to add it in if you’re a Looker administrator. If you still can’t find the type of visualization you’re looking for, then there are Looker partners that sell it (can’t recall the pricing).

Let me know if you’ve other question! 😃

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Ahh… I see. Yes there is grid layout in Looker now. Perhaps you can ask your administrator to update the software. Are you talking about stacked bar chart? You can find more information over at the documentation Another option is to change it to percentage so you can see how the different brand do in terms of comparison. Hope this help a little more! 🙂

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the response! My issue is that I have 10 brands on the visual with scores that are VERY close – so when I plot the data points based on the pivot, they all cross into one another making it very hard to follow which brand is “the best” given it’s time period.

This is why I wanted a separation either vertically or horizontally because I think that there is too much crowding.

Unfortunately I only have access to Looker 6.4. I know there is an option in 6.6 to have a grid layout by pivot – but wondering if there is a way to do this kind of thing in looker 6.4 while stacking these charts on top of each other