Creating custom heat map from screen coordinates?

  • 28 April 2018
  • 4 replies

I have a request to generate heat maps of an application using screen coordinates.

Is it possible to create such a visualization by defining a surface area (shape) of a predefined size and plotting on that area given an x and y coordinate?

4 replies

Hi @jpheneger,

If your instance is on-premise, one thing you may be able to do would be to make use of our highcharts-heatmap custom visualization. This custom visualization could serve as foundation for the heat map you’re ultimately trying to create. The JS code for our custom visualizations and installation steps can be found here on this GitHub repo linked below (Note that while we’re happy to troubleshoot the custom viz code present on the GitHub repo, we cannot troubleshoot any modified custom visualization code):

The code for the highcharts-heatmap in particular can be found on here!



Thank you, I will look into this!

This code doesn’t appear to be available anymore - is there any current mechanism I can use to to create heatmaps of my application using coordinates I have captured?

Is there any update on this one above? @Ellio 

Is it still available?