Control to Hide All Pivot Column Fields in Visualization

  • 31 August 2017
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Hey there! I was hoping it might be considered to implement a way for us to hide all the pivot columns from a visualization so that it will be possible to quickly view just individual column metrics by selecting them and unselecting them.

5 replies

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Hey @Eric_Walisko!

If you click on the gear icon you can select ‘Hide from Visualization’ which will remove that pivot column from the chart. If that isn’t what you’re looking for could you provide some more details on what you would like. If you have a specific use case you can visit with the details.



[Image of all selected (default) would have gone here]

I’m actually looking to quickly turn my visualization from the above to the below:

[Image of all unselected would have gone here]

so that I can quickly hone in on the trend of a single or few columns like below:

It seems like there should be a better way than just manually unselecting each color.

Sorry if my post is unclear, it would have been more clear if I was able to include the first two images but I am a new user so I am not allowed to post more than one.

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@Eric_Walisko, thank you for clarifying. Good news, we have a shortcut for that. You can select just one series in the legend by holding the option key while you click. Here’s a gif:

Beautiful, thank you all!

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