Continuing Table rows with break in Looker

  • 14 November 2022
  • 1 reply


I am trying to create a dashboard where I draw data from google sheets into Looker studio to show a monthly report on review scores. However, there are too many rows to fit into one table one a page, which means that users have to scroll through to see all of them. 

Is there a way to break up the table rows into two different tables while keeping the sorting for the tables? If I use the pagination settings, it would be annoying to require the user to flip the table page whenever they want to see the full table.

It would look something like this…


1 reply

Hi Wesley,

I do not think there is a native way to break up the table rows into two different tables.

I would suggest adding filters to your dashboard to narrow down the results, or separating the table by meaningful categories, such as “Property” in your case.