Content Management Suggestions?

  • 24 February 2016
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We are struggling to organize our content into management spaces.

In particular, since you can only add a Look to a dashboard within a space, it means we have copied Looks – which is not manageable as edits to a given look happen to make changes to every single look that was a predecessor.

It seems one solution might be to have a master folder and house everything there, but that can quickly become a nightmare, too.

Does anyone have a CMS for Looker that they think works well?

1 reply

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To follow up for the 141 of you who have viewed this, here’s what we are doing (with some help from abbywest):

  1. Google Drive/Confluence/Wiki page that lists and links the top-level important dashboards (link, who it’s for, and what the purpose of the dashboard is)

  2. Potentially re-imagining our content based on themes & research areas, not departments to reduce overlap (e.g. sections for KPIs not just “marketing”)

  3. Eagerly awaiting the summer release of the new & improved CMS from Looker!

  4. The data team being experts at remembering the /dashboard/# for key dashboards to help others find them when they are looking for them.