Conditional Formatting each column individually

  • 22 August 2017
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Currently conditional formatting uses the values across all selected columns which have conditional formatting applied. If I have a column containing % values and another containing sum values they would be part of the same formatting group…meaning all the % values which are tiny being at one end of the range.

Is there a way that each column maintains its own scale? E.g a percentage column is formatted red>green based on just the values in that column?

5 replies

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Hey @Kash

Thank you for bringing this up. This is currently not possible. However I totally get where you coming from and some of our customers had already brought this lack of functionality to us. We have a Feature Request to our product team for this. So I would be happily +1 you to it.



@Aleksandrs_Vederniko has this functionality since been released?

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Yes it has @Crystal_Taren , first you need to enable Conditional Formatting on the Table-next visualisation type:

In the Rules section, there are two important parts: the plus sign on the right side and the  Apply to selection. If you click on the dropdown you can change it to Select Fields

If you only select the value field, it changes the applied formatting from both columns:

To only one:

Then you add a new Rule (with the aforementioned plus sign) and select only the second field. This rule has its own settings that you can change:


how about each row separately?

In some cases, I pivoted the month dimension and put the product category on the row level and I want to have the conditional formatting per row (product) for the sum of sales, not in the context of the whole table. Actually, I want to have conditional formatting per product (row) because each product has a different scale of sales amount and I don’t want to compare them in the whole context.