Conditional formatting based on numerical midpoints

  • 6 February 2018
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hi, i was just wondering if there were any plans to allow for more flexibility in conditional formatting…

one specification i had in mind is the ability to toggle to a numerical mid-point for min-to-max (or vice versa) with respect to absolute #s (vs a sliding scale) similar to excel? the use case for this type of flexibility is applying conditional formatting to a set of values that are only positive and the user wants the formatting for these values to remain all one color, say green, based on the fact that they are all positive values (or values above a 0 midpoint)…

to help illustrate, i’ve included screenshots from excel that highlight this functionality.

conditional formatting based on the 50th percentile of values shown…

and then conditional formatting based on an absolute numerical midpoint of 0…

1 reply

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hey @mplooker this is a great suggestion, and thanks for the visuals this is helpful to understand what you are trying to achieve!

I am going to send these details to our product team so they are aware you would like this option available in Looker.

Thanks again for the feedback!