Conditional Formatting based on another column in visualization

  • 10 August 2017
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Is there any way to apply conditional formatting if a value meets criteria in another column? For instance, I have a grid displaying revenue over a number of years, but I want to highlight data that occurs after a “call-out date.” However, it appears that I can only apply conditional formatting based on the revenue values themselves and am unable to reference the date column.

4 replies

Hi @Britt, It sounds like you are using the conditional formatting in the UI. Currently, this feature can only interpret the measures it’s being applied to, and can’t reference a “call-out-date” or another field.

However, this can be accomplished by using conditional formatting with the html parameter. This gives more granular control over which cells to apply conditional formatting rules. Check out this conditional formatting with html article to see some examples of how to do this.

Thanks for the question!

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its been 4 years since this post, can we now apply conditional formatting based on another columns value ? meaning:

I have a field that takes a value “checked” so , if checked then measure green, else red.


I read the article listed above and they only apply the formatting to the same column, meaning:

if checked then column green, else red


How do I do this ?

dimension 1: status

measure: sales

if status = checked then turn sales green, else turn sales red

Would love this feature as well. Or at least the ability to format strings with conditionals. 

Would love this feature as well ! thanks