Combining 2 of 3 Axis in Bar Graph Visualization

  • 8 February 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a visualization that plots 3 data points: sum, weighted value, and count. When I plot all three, it creates three different axis to measure them. I would like to combine the sum and weighted value axis because they are both dollar values and have the count value separately. Below is a screenshot of the visualization I’m working with.

3 replies

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Hi @smcmullen, combining 2 out of 3 axes is not currently available but our Product team are always working on ways to improve visualization options. I will pass along your feedback!

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One way to at least get 2 of the 3 axes on the same scale is to set the max/min values the same for those axes in the Y-axis visualization edit tab.

Thanks Leland! Sounds like a solid hack to get it to work