Color change automatically in line chart

  • 15 March 2023
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hi is there possible to change color automatically after value < other value

Example in picture, when green line value < blue line value, color will be turn to red.


Or any solution related to highlight certain value in specific condition.


Thank you 

2 replies

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That would be a great feature to have! Unfortunately, we can’t control the colour of the point style or colour of the text based on its value. Only the Value Colours setting in the Values pane:

I did manage to create something like that using Table Calculations and changes to the Series:

What I did here is that I created a Table Calculation with the threshold value < 5 and if it’s equal or above it’s NULL. Then that Series got different settings:

And also I changed some settings of the visualisation itself:

Have a go, perhaps it will be enough to achieve what you’re after! Good luck!

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It looks even a bit better if you use Triangle Down for the Point:

I also set the overall Point Style to None and it removed the points from other series