Changing underlying Explore reference in User Dashboard Look

  • 22 February 2017
  • 3 replies

Is there a way to change the underlying Explore to a Look used in a Dashboard without recreating all of the Looks in the other Explore and replacing them?


3 replies

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Hey @jimRL - I see two main solutions to this problem.

  1. Use the content validator to replace the explore name. As the validator warns, this will replace the explore for every Look on your instance.

  2. “Explore from Here” from the Look, then click the gear and get the Share URL. You’ll notice it takes the form https://INSTANCE_NAME/explore/MODEL_NAME/EXPLORE_NAME/...

    So, just replace the explore name in that share URL and then visit that URL. The only thing that changes should be the underlying explore used - then you can just save that as a Look to overwrite the original Look!

Hi, As we mostly use dashboards and not looks (as preferred way of working) I have the same question but than for a dashboard. kr Victor

Yes - being able to swap out the explore connection for an entire dashboard would be amazing...or at least in some sort of content validation being able to dashboard by dashboard replace without replacing for all content.