Change color of text in single value progress bar

  • 23 March 2018
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Is there any way to change the color of the text in progress bar for single value charts? The progress bar is a light gray and the text on the progress bar (x of y 😵 is a slightly darker gray. When they are added to a dashboard, the color for the comparison label is the same as the color of the progress bar itself.

7 replies

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Hi Keith!

Currently you cannot edit the text within the progress bar of a single value visualization. I will reach out to our product team and let them know this is something that you would like to be able to do.

We can try to make the text a little more visible though by changing the color of the actual progress bar. The progress bar will take on a lighter hue of the color of the single value text.

You can do this In the edit panel of the visualization. From there you turn on custom color and choose the color you desire to make your comparison text a little more visible.

Thanks for the quick reply Peter. We tried that. It looks OK when we create the chart in explore mode but when it’s on the dashboard part of the text can’t be seen:


on dashboard:

You can drag/select the text with the mouse and see that the text is actually there:

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Thank you for the additional feedback and screenshots Keith! I will share these with our product team along with you feedback. Have a great day!

Sorry to resurrect this, but I would like this feature to be enabled to. It is causing us massive accessibility issues for these dashboards.

We limit the height of the single measures so that the single value and the percentage change text is all over the background percentage bar - and this makes it not clear at all as posted above. If you could set the font color separately that would make this accessible to those with sight impediments.

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Late reply, Peter— But look!

I had a hunch this would be possible using a combo of Value Color & Conditional Formatting.

To achieve this, I set Value Color to Green, which turns everything Green.


Then I went to conditional formatting, and added a rule to change the color:


Which turned everything but the comparison to red.

Give it a shot 🙂

Hi Izzy,

Thank you for coming back on this, but I do not have any options to do conditional formatting?

Is this a version thing, or am I using the wrong visualisation?

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I think Single Value visualizations should have formatting regardless of version.

Are you sure you’re in the Single Value Chart mode?