Cassandra Latitude Longitude Lookup Table

  • 1 December 2017
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Hello All, I need to make a lookup table which returns the location info when I provide Latitude and Longitude. We are already using Cassandra database for our application.

  • Latitude (partition key)

  • Longitude (clustering key)

  • Location info

My doubt is that is it good to make above design. Latitude and Longitude are high cardinality data. I don’t need any range queries on Latitude and Longitude.

Or should I go for Mongodb and geospatial index ?

I am a beginner in database design, I don’t know if lookup speed will reduce if data is growing bigger in the above table.

Thanks for Spending time on this!



2 replies

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Hi Nicole,

If you’re simple looking to plot a point on a map Looker has the ability to concatenate lats and longs into a location dimension that can be plotted on a map layer. To do this you need latitude and longitude dimensions defined in your view file, data which you already have in your database.

Looker has certain map layers built in. This lets users create maps by charting the values in the location dimension on the map layer. To see more examples of people using map layers, see this article.

However, if you need any further advice on database design feel free to visit

Hope that helps!



You should switch to patDat.