Cannot change date range filter on dashboard schedule

  • 7 January 2022
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A user has raised an issue where they cannot change the date range filter within a schedule for a Look. Clicking on the start date and end date does nothing.

I have been able to replicate this issue. I can change the dates by using “matches (advanced)” but confirm that the date picker for neither the start date nor the end date do anything when clicked.

While the user in question does have limited permissions, I am an admin and still cannot get this to work so it is not permission-related. All relative date filter types (“is in the past”, “is before”, etc.) work fine but anything absolute (“is on the day”, “is on or after”, etc.) do not allow me to change the date from the date picker.

I have tested this in both Safari and Chrome.

EDIT: Just to confirm, although this says dashboard schedule in the title, the bug only applies to Look schedules - dashboards use a different schedule modal and there do not appear to be any problems with it.

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