Can we customize the new "Trouble loading data" message?

  • 23 June 2021
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It looks like in 21.10.x, the “No results” message has been changed to say “Trouble loading data” (as seen below. Is it possible to customize this message?

Our team feels that this new message indicates to our users that something broke, as opposed to the tile simply not finding any data; therefore, we preferred the previous “No results” message.

21.10 message:

Pre-21.10 message:



Best answer by Ryannn29 24 June 2021, 01:49

I was incorrect--we do see the “No results” message. Closing out question.

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5 replies

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I was incorrect--we do see the “No results” message. Closing out question.

We are also seeing the “Trouble loading data” message as of today.

Our team agrees with the previous comment that it doesn’t create a positive impression on our customers, who would interpret it as a system error on our end. The symbol with the exclamation point also appears to indicate an error, when instead there’s just no data to be returned.

This only appears to happen for the updated “next” dashboard renderer. Still seeing “No results” in the original dashboards.

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We actually see the “No results” message in “next” dashboards; I think it may be that certain scenarios produce one or the other message.

For the same tile, we are seeing both scenarios depending on the user’s permissions:

  • If the user is a developer or an admin, they see the correct “No results” message.
  • If the user is a viewer (whether embedded or not) they see the “Trouble loading data” message.

We assume it is a bug introduced with the  21.10 release last night.

Thanks for the info! I just spoke with a Looker representative who told me this change was intentional, so that devs and admins could see more detail about an issue, and viewer-level users would just see the generic message. I created a ticket in the Looker Feedback Portal for this: #83347