Can't download all data from reports with table calculations or window measures

  • 14 September 2021
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I want to add few columns and create a derived ‘total’ column in Looker ( something like total = col1 + col2).

I tried doing this through table calculations in the Look and also through a ‘running_total’ type measure in LookML. Both these approaches give me what I want.

However, when I need to download the entire data manually from the look or schedule an extract for the entire data through an email, I get the following error message


Error: Refusing to run query with no limit that Looker cannot stream incrementally. Please choose a smaller limit or remove table calculations.

Error: Refusing to run query with no limit that Looker cannot stream incrementally. Please choose a smaller limit or remove the "window" measure types (such as running_total) from the query


How can I let users download data from reports which have such derived columns? Please let me know if there is any other way I can accomplish this


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@olga Thank you for the advice! Measure of type: number worked for me in LookML and I was able to download all the data.

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@Dawid there is indeed technical limitation - the ability to stream data in chunks. For example, table calculations never stream, running total is calculated similar way so they don’t stream as well. Some dialects don’t support pivots - then they are calculated in Looker, so they won’t stream neither. Check this article


@Vinay you can try to move table calculation to the LookML, if that is possible. Like using measure of type: number for the arithmetical calculations over other measures, having dummy measures if you are adding values from dimensions being grouped  - like min(dimension_value) - will give you just one value like in your data tab in explore, but it will actually be a measure. They also can be hidden:yes so that they do not appear in the Field Picker and cause confusions.

@olga That is a little surprising to me since this is a fairly common use case. In my case, taking a look at partial data won’t make much sense for the users.


So the way I see it, the only solution is to move the table calculations to the data warehouse and consume the data directly from there?

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But isn’t that the whole point of ALL RESULTS. It means ALL, no filters or limits. What are the technical limitations here that Looker returns an error?

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Indeed, in some cases downloading All Results is not possible, and table calculation is the most common of them.

You can see more of them here


Instead, you should be able to use a Custom limit for downloading, specifying the limit of rows