Can looker display charts when remote database connection is closed?

  • 12 June 2017
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More specifically, can query results be cached on looker server, so that if the remote database connection is lost, user still can display charts/results using the data cached without having to run queries against remote databases?

5 replies

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If a query is cached and its connection is subsequently rendered invalid (say, by inputting an improper db user password in the connection’s settings) the query can’t be re-run from cache. Per my understanding, a cached query is associated with a unique hash, which is a conglomerate of various parameters (connection, model, explore, etc). When a query is run, its hash is compared to the hashes of cached queries. If the hashes don’t match up, Looker runs the query against the external db. Rendering the connection invalid by altering its settings may change subsequent query hashes and prevent them from matching up with the hashes of cached queries.

Thank you. If there is a way to view results offline from looker cache, that might be helpful in some situations.

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Hi @xingfang

I’ll make sure that your request is passed to our product team!

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Hi @xingfang

Is there any particular reason why you’d like such functionality? Does your connection go down sometimes? We just want to understand why you get into that situation and with what frequency.


We have a reporting database setup on the cloud which may not be always available for access. And the data is not updated very frequently, most of the time they are updated weekly. Today if the database is down, user is not able to view charts from looker, if there is a way to extract data from cache when the database connection is down, that will improve the usability a lot for us.

Thank you for helping pass this to your team.

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