Can i pass parameter from dashboard to multiple looks

  • 7 February 2018
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I want to pass filters selected in dashboards to looks, can you please suggest?

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It is possible for dashboard filters to apply to any and all of the Looks that are included in the dashboard. Here is a document on creating dashboards and towards the bottom is the part that discusses creating the filters and listeners. I hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.



Hi Sara,

Thanks for sharing the link, however what I want is to select a parameter in one dashboard and apply it’s value to multiple looks


I’d like to know in more detail what is your final goal. If you are using User Defined Dashboards, you can use the filters as listed in this Doc, but if you are using LookML dashboards you can check the Adding Filters of this other Doc. You can also pass filters using the url_encode. Let me know if I can help in anything else.



Hi Sara,

I have a 5-6 looks, each look is having a derived table, i want to display those looks in the dashboard. Now the derived table in the look is populated based on certain filters. I am adding the filters in the dashboard since I want the user to select those. Now on selection of a particular filter let say date, I want the value in the looks to be changed dynamically and show up in the dashboard.

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Hi Ayon,

When editing a Dashboard, you can add Filters. (Top bar, below the name of the Dashboard)

One Filter can be used to apply to multiple Looks.

A window will pop-up in which you:

  1. Give the filter a name

  2. Describe the type of the filter. (e.g. Will it be a date that the user can alter, or a specific number?)

  3. Set a default value that is used anytime the Dashboard is opened again.

  4. Select all the Looks that you want the given parameter to apply to. For each Look you can then specify to which field within the Look it must apply to.

This way, you can make one filter that says - for example - ‘in the past 6 months’, and make all Looks in the Dashboard show data from the past 6 months, even if they are all based on a different Date column.

Then, you can change it to ‘in the past 3 months’, re-Run the Dashboard and see all Looks change to that filter.

I hope this has answered your question. Otherwise, I would suggest you try to make clearer what you want.

Thanks Daan…that helps