Can I Pass a Parameter Value from a Dashboard to another one? that is linked through a "custom" button built within an html parameter in a dimension?

  • 17 March 2023
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 I have a dashboard that is linked to a second one through a "custom" button, that is built within an html parameter in a dimension.

I know is it possible to pass a filter value from a dashboard to another one, so that my selection is maintained. the code should be something similar to this:  Filter+Name={{ _filters[‘field_name’] | url_encode }}


My question is: is it posible to do something similar with a parameter value?


So that when I change the parameter value in my first dashboard, this selection is maintained also in the second dashboard?

1 reply

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It is not possible to grab the filter parameter and add it to a custom button. What you would need to do is make a custom dimension in LookML with an HTML parameter. For example, you want to pass a company name to a second dashboard you would create a dimension like so, using the `html` parameter:

dimension: company_name {
label: "Company Name"
type: string
sql: ${company_name} ;;
html: {{ linked_value }} <a href="/dashboards/2?Company+Name={{ company_name | url_encode }}"target="_new"><img src="/images/qr-graph-line@2x.png" height=20 width=20></a>;;

by bringing this dimension in a Look on your dashboard, you will see a graph icon next to your company name and that will be passed as a parameter in the URL of your other dashboard (dashboards/2 in the URL)