Can I get a free trial of 7 days for Looker? I am a Student at Stevens Institute of Technology

  • 23 April 2019
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I have requested a free trial for Looker but I have not received any instructions or communication to get started for Looker trial. I am a student from Stevens Institute of Technology and I wanted to try it out and practice on a free trial if available.

Please advice on how I can get it started today and if starting the trial today is not possible then how long does it generally take to get the ball rolling?

Please let me know.



6 replies

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Hey Zeel!

Did you sign up at

If yes and you’ve yet to receive a reply… I think you can email Looker at

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Nicholas, that link is more towards companies that are looking for a trial, in hopes that they’ll purchase it afterwards— It’s part of our sales process, not so much for someone looking for a student license.

@zthakkar, we don’t currently offer a “student license” or free trials of that sort. We do, however, have a publicly available instance that’s hosting some game of thrones data right now! You can check it out here:, or in the Data of Thrones category here:

I’d recommend reading the quick start guide in that link!

I’ll be running more public datasets through that instance in the future, so you’ll be able to keep playing with it long after the Game of Thrones season has run its course 🙂

Hi Izzy,

Thank you for the response. I also have an internship at Aretove Technologies who I believe are using Looker. Is it possible to get a trial account created from that Looker instance? I read some other posts which said that this is possible, what would I need for this?



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Aha! In that case, you’d need to go through Aretove to get you an account. There will be someone in the company who’s an administrator of the Looker instance, and they should be able to set you up.

Also, still play with that Game of Thrones data if you’re interested 😄

Who wouldn’t be interested in Game of Thrones… Ofcourse I would, thank you.

Hi Izzy! 

I wonder if you by chance start to provide Free of charge license for students? :) I think it’s quite important to study on real-data and get experience before work life. :)