Can drilling down into a service by clicking on a bar in a bar chart lead to a predefined look?

  • 1 December 2015
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I know that looker provides the option to filter by a given value when clicking on a bar in a bar chart, but I’m wondering if instead of being directed to the explore page you can reroute it to a predefined look.

This would essentially be a drill down. But I’m not looking for the drill down tutorials where you can specify the html option in a lookML file. These only work for table entries and I’m looking for drilling down from a bar chart.

7 replies

Things I’ve already looked into but I don’t think will solve my issue:

Also, this.

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Hey @joshuarichard

The custom drill using html is only currently compatible when clicking on the value in the legend, or the value in a table. I’ll pass along the request to the product team, to be able to enable custom drill using html through a particular slice of the visualization.

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+1 I’d like to also have this feature.

In the early trial / demo of Looker and the emphasis of “drilling”, I was surprised that this functionality to drill into a subset didn’t exist.

We’ve worked around it by making a lot of the same types of looks and the displaying them on the same dashboard, but the information is overwhelming and unsustainable to maintain from a developmental perspective.

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Are you referring to drilling into a subset of data while staying on the dashboard specifically? I.e. in a slice of a pie chart you may see you have 25% of your orders coming from California, and you would like to click on the CA slice to then have all other elements on the dashboard be filtered by CA.

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Hey Zam, For example, I’m looking to see an overall view of our Net MRR by Month and be able to click and drill in, not to the Net MRR for a given month, but to be able to see the composition (e.g. upgrade, downgrade, new, etc.) across the same time period. Here, more in the context of drilling in for a more detailed-view or information.

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Thanks for the info @Bridge. Currently our drill works in that manner but it drills into another explore, rather than drilling in the dashboard. I’ll pass your use case/comments on to the eng/product team.