Button to link to another dashboard passing current filters

  • 7 September 2022
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I’m trying to include a button in a dashboard that links to another dashboard so I can split the analysis and create a user path. The thing is that I don’t find a way to pass current dashboard filters to the next one, so the user doesn’t have to remember every time which filters he had in the previous dashboard at the moment he clicked the button… but I can’t find a reasonable way.


I’ve seen in the forum that there are some extreme hacks (creating hidden dimensions with liquid parameters and so on)  for such an easy thing but to be honest for the sake of the maintainability I discard those options.


Can anyone tell me if is 100% true that you can pass filters in an easy way in 2022?


If that is true, can you looker please include this basic feature asap? Either this or paged dashboards without the need of becoming a web developer as is far from the skills we should need.

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