Bug with 'is any time' date filters

  • 1 March 2016
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I’ve noticed some incorrect behaviour when saving ‘is any time’ as the value of a date filter in an explore. In our setup we have a date dimension setup as a required filter on explores for a given model, that by default is filtered to show ‘in the past 1 month’.

If i go and create an explore and change that required field to ‘is any time’ and save it, then throw it in a dashboard, then it looks OK in the dashboard. However, when I click in the dashboard to dig into the data, the value of the filter is back to the default ‘in the past 1 month’. It doesn’t retain the ‘is any time’ value that was originally saved in the explore. I’ve found that changing the value to ‘is not null’ instead of ‘is any time’ is a fix that preserves the value on dashboard click-thru, but it should work for ‘is any time’ as well. Easily reproduced let me know if you have any questions.

Using looker 3.38.16

1 reply

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Hey Kallin,

Sorry you are running into that, I will look into this and file it with our engineering team ASAP!