BUG - Download Results PNG (from a modal) is providing a truncated image of the results

  • 8 November 2018
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This is a bug and I have tried to submit a request through /hc/en-us/requests/new (from the help section on Looker) but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

The gist of the problem is that download results via PNG will produce a truncated image of the results.

Steps to reproduce:

-From one of our tiles/widgets, we can filter results and view those in a modal:

-When the modal pops up with table data, Download Results

-Choose PNG (Image of Visualization) as the File Format, and Download (Or Open in Browser, both will produce the problem):

-When the download is complete notice there are only 20ish lines of data showing, and most columns have also been truncated.

Downloaded Results:

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1 reply

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Thanks for the bug filing @Adam_Lahley! Looks like you got in touch with our Support team on this via email and they’re taking care of it for you. I’m going to go ahead and close down this topic and let it be resolved through those channels. Thanks again! 🙂