BigQuery Join Google Analytics Datasets for Looker Reports

  • 21 October 2022
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We have several websites (same website but different topleveldomains) and store the GA360 data in BigQuery. The GA360 data for each website is stored in the same BigQuery project but in a different dataset (date partitioned).


GA360 GBQ Project

  • Website 1
  • Website 2
  • Website 3

We are now starting to use Looker and I want to be able to analyze the data. My goal is to be able to create dashboards containing the GA360 data for each individual website but also be able to create dashboards containing he data for all websites combined.

As far as my knowledge goes for both Looker and GBQ the joining can be done in both Looker and GBQ. Since both GBQ and Looker are quite new to me I am wondering how and where these datasets should be combined in the most (cost)effective way.

So my question is: What is the best way to combine multiple websites' datasets stored in GBQ to be able analyzed in Looker?


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