Best practice for updating dashboards built with deprecated/replaced explores

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi! I have a question related to updating content after major changes to Explore structures. Basically, we are going to be consolidating about 6 explores into 1, using a required filter. Each of the old explores used a different date field, but the consolidated new explore will use Liquid logic and the required filter to have the user select which date field they’d like to use.


Since we have lots of content built with these explores, we can’t rely on the Content Validator to update content after merging the Explore changes - so we are trying to create all the updated/replacement content in our personal folders before merging the Explore changes, then we will move it to the correct locations.


We’ve found this Looker article, and our current process for creating the replacement content has been to create a copy of each dashboard in our personal folders, use the Content Validator to update the Explore name for the tiles which use one of the soon-to-be-deprecated Explores, and then manually verify that the tiles on the dashboard are showing the correct data. This has been a bit frustratingly slow, since it requires one small change at a time, and requires some switching in and out of Development mode to verify the numbers.


I’m hoping to find out if any others have come across this or something similar - really just wanted to see if there is a better way to do this than the way we are currently approaching it! Thanks all.

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