Bars overlapping issue in looker 6.6 bar chart

  • 11 April 2019
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We recently moved to looker 6.6 from looker 5.14. But after that getting issue with the bar chart, Bars seem to be overlapped but in looker 5.14 we never face this issue.

Please see the below image with looker 5.14.

And image from looker 6.6.

We are looking for a solution to this issue. Maybe we missed something.

Any idea to fix this problem?

Thank you.

3 replies

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Could you try toggling some axis options on and off? From your other reports, it looks like you were using the padding feature and some other options that no longer exist in the new viz engine, so I wonder if there are some leftover side effects of those that toggling settings around would clear up.

I’m also going to try and reproduce this.

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I tried with looker 6.8 and it’s still there. And I created these looks from stretch,

But the issues are still persist with looker 6.8 as well. And i tried to change the setting for axis but no luck.

Thank you.

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Does changing the Scale Type for your X-axis to ‘Ordinal’ not solve this? If it’s a date/time dimension, it will autoscale the axis to it (so e.g February looks like a slightly smaller bar because it’s a shorter month). Ordinal makes sure the bars all have the same width and padding.