Bar Chart Visualization

  • 10 December 2020
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I want to create a bar chart with the below requirement.

Available table name:  “Fruit_Sales”

Available Columns in the table:

  • Fruit_name
  • Items_sold_Count
  • Profit


I want to create a bar chart for the top 10 fruits sold and the the profit for the top 10 fruits sold in the below format. Left is the graph for items_sold_count and right is the graph for profit. 


Can someone help me on this please.

3 replies

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Hey @ammu

You can simply use the “column” visualization with your dimension being Fruit_name and your 2 measures being Items_sold_Count and Profit. You can then apply two y-axis for count and currency. IMO it would be a more intuitive visualization than the one posted. Not sure there is a plug-in in the marketplace that allows the side-to-side outcome you are looking for.

An alternative would be to create a visualization that focuses on a single measure e.g. Items_sold_Count and then leverage the tooltip to make the Profit data accessible (upon hovering over the columns). Here is an article that describes the process:

Hello ammu,

One additional way to create your visualisation could be to put the data in a table with cell visualisations applied. To do this, select the dimension (Fruit Type) and two measures (Items Sold and Profit), and change the visualisation to a table. Then, under the edit -> series tab in the visualisation options, enable cell visualisations  and you will have a bar that is respective to the results of your measures. It could look something like this:


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Thanks for the help