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  • 18 September 2022
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How can I access/ build/ integrate map layers for countries other than the US, e.g., Australia / New Zealand?


Ideally, these map layers would recognise a range of location dimensions: Zip-code, City, State.


Currently, this functionality only exists for the US ( which is v frustrating for business that operates globally, like the one I work for. 





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3 replies

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You are right, there are no predefined maps for Australia or New Zealand. ayiu would have to upload the files by yourself to your Looker instance.

This, however, is not the hardest part. It's to make sure that the labels in your data match the labels in the map file because that's how the map layer connects to your data. Sometimes you may need to enrich your data model to apply labels from the map or change the labels in json file.


I have done this exercise for maps of Spain and all the levels of administrative division: Comunidades, Provincias, Comarcas, and even neighbourhoods for Barcelona comarca.


here's a similar topic about France: 

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I had a look at te data from and there are quite a few files that can be useful:

Especially the POA, which is Postcode Areas:


Thank you, Dawid. 

Great help.