Allow for editing of user defined dashboard LookML

  • 27 April 2021
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I just wanted to start a conversation / mini gripe about this. I feel like this is a feature that is so close, but just out of reach. Fully editing dashboards in lookml is just not productive. It’s great because you can write Python scripts to auto generate them, but not something I can see doing for normal development. If I could just build a user defined dashboard, make some minor edits, copy and paste, then go back to the user dashboard builder it would be amazing. Hell even just the ability to put a dashboard under Git control. 

Problems this would solve:

  1. Every time I make a change to a table calculation the colors and styles of my series revert. If I could make some of these changes at the LookML level this wouldn’t happen. Copy, paste, edit, save, done.
  2. Last night a number of charts I worked on somehow reverted. A series that was set to column is now area. A minor annoying Looker glitch, but having source control would mean I don’t spend 30 minutes putting things back the way they should have been.
  3. Find replace in all my charts at once. 


It just seems like such an obvious feature to be missing.

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