Align Axis value labels in bar chart

  • 11 July 2017
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I have Strings as Axis value labels in X Axis in a Bar chart and I want to align them to Left. Could anyone suggest me how to achieve that?

We dont have access to paste pictures.Apologies for that.

7 replies

Hi sriharsha,

Thanks for your question, although I’m not sure I understand. If you’re asking to have the axis labels lie flat from left to right, you can use the Value Rotation field in the X panel of the column vis. A setting of 0 will make the value labels read horizontally.

Let me know if I misunderstood the question, or you have any more.



Hi Spencer,

Thanks for your response. Yes The value rotation is set to 0.However, the axis value labels are strings with different length and the first character of each value label is not aligning even after setting the rotation as 0. I am not able to paste the screenshot because of access issue and not able to type and show as looker preview bar is truncating the spaces that I type.

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Hi again @sriharsha

I hope you are doing good. Could you reach out to with as much information as you possibly can? Also it would be really helpful if you can attach screenshots of the issue as I have tried to recreate what you described here but I was unsuccessful in my attempt.


I’m building a bar chart and when using value labels, they automatically align to the right side of the bar (EG the end). Is it possible to change the alignment of the value label and have it align to the left of the chart (beginning) or center).

Example - Current


example - Desired


example - desired



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Hey @scottloescher,

The option to change the value label positions is currently unavailable; however, I was sure to relay this to the product team on my end.

In some cases, we have found that changing “Series Positioning” to stacked has helped. Another workaround for getting value labels to the left could be reversing the axes. We can do this in the visualization section of an explore by going to Edit > Y and toggling on the Reverse Axes option. Doing this will change a visualization like this:

to this

Thanks for providing the feedback and I hope this helps!



Hi Leticia,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, we’re attempting to build a stacked bar chart so we can’t use the workaround. This is the issue we’re running into when the 2nd value of a stacked bar chart is much smaller than the first, the two values are directly adjacent and it looks jumbled.


Thank you for your response!

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Hey @scottloescher,

Thanks for taking the time to provide additional details about your use case. I was sure to update the feedback that I relayed to product to include these details. You have a wonderful rest of your week!