Alerts when hitting a new record

  • 4 July 2017
  • 3 replies

It is possible to get an alert only when you have hit a new record, a new MAX value within a specific time period?

3 replies

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Hey @Maria_Gomez, this is not a feature available in Looker at the moment. I will let our team know that you would like this option implemented.

In the meantime, something similar to this can be achieved in the following way:

  • We can define an Explore that contains the data for the period of time that we want

  • We can order the measure in a decreasing order to get the maximum value to display at the top

  • We can set the visualization to a Single Value visualization

  • Then save the visualization as a Look

  • In the Schedule options for the Look, we can set the options to send the content hourly or daily and select the options Send if there are results and and results changed since last run

This way an email will be sent when the value for the Single Value Visualization changes, this means that it would also send the scheduled item if the results have gone down.

Many thanks Romain!

If you wanted to send out a more elaborate report when a new record is hit, you could set up a persistent derived table in your LookML with a refresh trigger of your record-setting value going up, and an explore on top of that view. Then you could schedule an email distribution (or whatever) when the contents change, which will only happen on the trigger.