Alerts for Merged Results

  • 2 November 2021
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I have a handful of Looks/tiles created on a dashboard that show data based on Merged results. I’m currently trying to create some alerts for data in these tables but I see that Looker does not currently support Alerts for merged results. Does anyone know when this functionality may be released?


I have a table calculation that is based off 2 measures of a merged result. One side measures the Spend of a specific platform (dimension) and the other side measures the budget of the same platform (dimension) but from a different view/dataset within our DB. The calculation then shows the difference and percentage change off of these 2 measures which I’m trying to create an alert for. 


Has anyone run into a similar issue / know how I may be able to create an alert for this without having to come up with a large query for derived table? If possible, I’d like to maintain the two measures in their separate views / explores since they individually measure/aggregate data so not positive if if could be used in one explore through joins. 

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