Alert Glitch



I was wondering if anyone else has this problem with alerts on dashboards, and if there is any solution:

Whenever I create a new alert on any dashboard, naturally I fill in all the parameters by order (condition,  then where to send it, then frequency).  But whenever I choose the hour I want the alert to be sent - it resets all the other fields to their default values (so say the default condition is: Field A is greater than 1, if I change it to Field B is less than one and then change the time under frequency - the condition will revert back to the original condition with Field A is greater than 1).


To avoid this I just always fill out the time first and then all the other parameters, but its a small problem that gets pretty annoying sometimes so if there’s anyway to solve this or pass it on to someone who can fix it that would be great!


Thanks :)

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