Aggregation, calculated field and another aggregation for visualization

  • 19 August 2022
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Hi nice community people,

I have the following look:

  • the sum field is aggregated by Looker
  • the rank field is a calculated field I have added
  • there are filters applied, e.g. “exclude product D”
product agg: sum calc field: rank
A 12000€ 1
B 5000€ 2
C 18000€ 1


Now I want a pie chart visualization which shows 30000€ for rank 1 (big slice) and 5000€ for rank 2 (small slice).

=> Is there a way to realize this in Looker GUI only?

Abstractly put, I would want another aggregation level before the visualization (where the product field is removed and it is aggregated by the rank field).

Or in more Looker-specific speech: is it possible to base a look on another look?

I could think of creating a new view using a derived table for the 1st level aggregation in LookML but I - as you might expect - would rather avoid that.

Thankful for any advice! Matthias


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