aggregating across multiple tiles

  • 30 November 2020
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I am building a dashboard with a few different metrics in each tile. I want to be able to aggregate the data shown in a summary dashboard or table that would show all the data from different tiles together. This data cannot be merged because they are pulled from different sources and can’t be combined. 

3 replies

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Dashboards and tiles are completely separate explorations, hence you can’t just aggregate them. You have to be able to show them in the same exploration, either by using merge queries or perhaps even having a separate view with a derived table that combines your sources.

Thanks for that @Dawid_Nawrot - that is really helpful. I am struggling because I a number of different looker dashboards that have to be combined and aggregated. I am not sure where to begin with merge the datasets because it is not so straightforward. 

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At first, I would advise you to stop thinking about the dashboards. What about your Data Model in LookML. Where are the sources? Same or different projects? If it’s in the same project then it’s already one step easier. 

You need to think what you would actually want to join behind the dashboards. Are those two dataset that have something in common? Or perhaps they have nothing in common apart from, let’s say, a timestamp - then I would start thinking about a calendar table as your source. You might not be able to join two views directly, and instead try to combine their sources in a `derived_table`