Adjustable Pie chart visualizations

  • 6 July 2018
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Currently, Looker allows up to 50 entities to be displayed in the Pie Chart visualizations.

The problem is, however, that if there are many entities, the data will either not display at all (in case there are more than 50 entities) or the displayed Pie Chart would be very cluttered (due to so many entities being squeezed into it), making it hard to review it.

That could be solved if we could indicate the number of entities to be displayed and by putting all others under a slice of ‘Other’. For example, if there is a case with 70 entities and user wanted to display only the top 10 (this number should be adjustable), the resulting pie would consist of 11 slices (10 slices for top 10 entities and 11th slice for ‘Other’, where entities from 11 to 70 would be accumulated together).

Looker already allows selecting the number of rows to be displayed in the Table visualization.

Is this something that could be implemented on our side (we’re a subscribing business already) or something that you guys could set up?

I’m sure this is a feature that many would appreciate due to its wide application.

1 reply

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Hi Mason,

Thanks for reaching out.

As you mentioned above, Looker has the ability to allow you to select how many rows are displayed. This in turn allows us to use a table calculation to group remaining low-frequency dimensions into an “Other” bucket. This can be achieved by referencing the column ::total in our calculation. Please see this discourse post for further details on this.

Alternatively, this can also be achieved with derived tables by using the RANK() function in our SQL and using a CASE statement in the top_10_brand_name dimension.

Please visit if you have any further questions.

Many thanks,