Platform Developers Activity: API

  • 14 April 2021
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Platform Developers Activity: API
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We’re so excited to be able to share our knowledge with you over the coming months - and while we’ll be offering demos and roundtables on topics like the API, Looker’s extension framework, and embedding, there’s really no better way to learn than by actually putting the new information to work and building something.


We’ve crafted a few different activities, ranging in complexity, to get you moving. By engaging in these hands-on prompts, questions will come up - this is the point! We want you to ask your questions, share your process and come away with valuable, new skills. If you build something cool and want to share it with the group, you’ll also have an opportunity to do so during our first Platform Developers meetup in May.



Resources to help you get started:


The activities below reference Python as it’s generally the most used language as well as the easiest to get started with. If you prefer another language, check out the other SDKs in the sdk-codegen repository and follow along. All of the models and methods are the same, as they’re auto-generated.

Starting from scratch? I’d recommend Python as the best way to get started anyways.



Just getting started? That’s awesome— just complete the interactive Python SDK tutorial and successfully modify the Look Filterer tool at the end to return an image instead of a JSON object.


Not a Python person? Grab the SDK of your choice and follow along with the tutorial, aiming for a replica of the Look Filterer tool.



Let’s build a more advanced script— See if you can craft an API script that helps you keep your Looker instance clean, and:

  1. Gives you a list of all the dashboards that have not been viewed for 30 days

  2. Downloads and saves a PDF of each dashboard to save a snapshot

  3. Soft deletes each dashboard or moves them to another location

    1. Careful to not actually delete dashboards! You might want to either not do this last part, or just do it carefully / only on a test dashboard.

    2. This might help. Don’t actually “delete” dashboards, just update the dashboard to set “deleted”: true to “soft delete” content without permanently erasing it.



Take things beyond just scripting and dive into an entire application. Start with the example Flask App (read about Flask if you’re unfamiliar) and in addition to the existing Looker API functionality, add another use of the Looker API— Anything you can imagine. Stumped? See the “What’s Next” README for some ideas on what to build.


Use the Platform Developers space to post your questions, share your work, and tell us how you’re progressing on these activities!

1 reply

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