New: Free hands-on Looker training!

  • 2 August 2021
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New: Free hands-on Looker training!
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Hey all! 


We’re running a fun Looker Learning Challenge to provide hands-on practice in core Looker skills!  This Learning Challenge packages up some of our hands-on learning offerings for Looker - so you or others in your org can spin up a practice instance on demand, and go step-by-step through the learning modules for free.


This challenge is focused on Looker foundations, with upcoming challenges going deeper and deeper across various aspects of Looker.


Join the game now!


Happy learning 🙂

4 replies

I would be interested in joining Looker hands on training. Please share the details with me. 


Best regards, 


Hi Michael,

Thank you for this opportunity. I am unable to post in the GoogleCloud community thread, hence posting my skill badge here:

Looking forward to the next learning phase.


Hello Michael, 

I am unable to start the challenge, the platform tells me that my access is denied. 
Do you have a solution for me. 

Best regards, 

I am having the same issue. I see “sorry, access denied for this resource” error!!
Has this challenge been closed or expired?