Data Explorers Guild: Data Viz Challenge [Movie Dataset]

  • 1 April 2021
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Data Explorers Guild: Data Viz Challenge [Movie Dataset]
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Hey Data Explorers! 🕵️️‍♀️


Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re kicking these awesome virtual meetups back off this month starting next week - Wednesday, April 7th! Make sure to RSVP to either the late or early session here


As for this months Data Viz Challenge, this is our monthly dataset that contains some film data for you to explore. 


Remember to try and spend a little time before the meetup checking out this dataset and post anything interesting in this thread! As usual, we’ll also be giving a bit of time during the event to explore this as well. 


Explore as you will, but here are some basic questions for you to consider during your digging: 


  1. Which country and/or director makes the most cost effective movies?

  2. What are the most under-appreciated films? (prove it with the data) 

  3. Which movie star is most likely to make a bad movie? 

  4. Pick a director, are their movies getting better over their career? 


Admittedly this might not be the most epic dataset of all time, BUT I’m confident we will uncover some interesting insights and let it spark interesting conversations. 😎


If you cannot access the Data Explorers Guild instance, make sure you join the DEG community group!

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Hi Michael,

Could you kindly relook at the timings.

Both the slots are not suitable for Asia.

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Hey @Naman_Sagar


I really appreciate you raising this - we absolutely want this to be accessible for all. For the two meetup times tomorrow, I’d say we’re locked in at this point BUT I will certainly reconfigure so future meetups are more accessible for APAC!

Thank you again for your input.

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Where do we find a link to join the meetup?