Your data, integrated: embed looker in your tools & bring analytics into your team’s everyday workflows

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Jill Hardy, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Aug 22, 2019. The content is subject to limited support.

One of Looker’s coolest capabilities is bringing data to people in the tools where they already spend their time through . People can get their answers in the same window, without having to go somewhere else or ask anyone for help.

And data analysts are freed up from a ton of everyday data requests — hello, time for awesome projects!

You can empower your organization this way too. Embedding Looker dashboards, Explores, and Looks in your internal tools and applications for analytics is so easy .

Embedded reports come with the Looker security you expect since they’re presented through an iframe (not passed into the tool).

Sounds great in theory, but what are people actually doing with embedded reports? How might you integrate them into your teams’ workflows?

Here’s some inspiration to get your wires firing. Below are two really effective examples of embedding Looker. Get ready for some sparks!

Embedded analytics in Zendesk

Our beloved Department of Customer Love (if you’ve ever talked with Looker chat support, you’ve met them) spend their time in Zendesk. Their chats move quickly, and they need information in real-time to be as helpful to Looker customers as possible.

To that end, our experts embedded data from Looker in the Zendesk side panel to give our support team some context about the folks they’re chatting with.

They can quickly get information about the version of Looker that someone is running, which types of users are active in their instance, and other details that provide helpful context.

Now you know the secret behind our DCL team’s success. If you’ve ever wondered why our DCL team is so great — wonder no more! Not only are they a highly technical team of fun-loving people, their awesomeness is fortified by data.

Embedded analytics in Salesforce

We also embedded Looker in our Salesforce instance. Check it out:

The embedded bar chart at the bottom gives our customer success team a customer’s license information right on an account page. This way, the team can quickly see if an account is over-deployed and reach out if necessary.

Where will you embed?

These are just two of the many possibilities of privately embedding Looker. for embedded analytics by downloading our whitepaper.

Which tools in your company would benefit from embedded data?

Get the process rolling today with our

Jill Hardy
Content Strategist, Customer Education

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