Using data to transform the customer experience with Looker and Braze

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by The Looker Team, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Aug 29, 2020. The content is subject to limited support.

When real-time data is made available across an organization, everyone becomes empowered to improve the customer experience. With dashboards and visualizations to track consumer and product metrics, teams can gauge how products are performing and build alerts to flag changes in behavior or customer spend. These insights allow consumer-focused teams to better understand their “always on” shopper and create new opportunities for serving information to them in ways that can positively affect their buying decisions.

With the ability to use data this way, improving the customer experience can start to include more data-driven activities such as:

  • Connecting with consumers where they want, when they want
  • Collecting customer experience data faster from notifications, email, apps, and websites to inform new decisions and strategies
  • Feeding data back to teams in an easily consumed, visual format built for data-driven decision making
  • Creating new opportunities to engage with customers based on their specific needs

Analyze and visualize customer data with Looker + Braze

Braze enables organizations to better understand how their customers are engaging with them — whether it be through apps and websites or via customer communications like emails and push notifications — thanks to their SDKs and APIs. The Braze teams also understand that, different than even five years ago, customer engagement today requires a . To address this need, there’s — a tool built to help teams break down data silos so that they can effectively stream and manage their customer data. With this tool, individuals across the organization can analyze granular, in-the-moment engagement data.

To make the data available for reporting and ad hoc exploration, Braze data can be sourced to the underlying data warehouse, where it can then be connected to Looker. From here, analyzing data such as retention, , and can all be visualized and explored in Looker. And once there, it can be used to create custom audiences that, when sent to Braze, can be used for custom messaging on platforms like mobile, web, and email.

Car Next Door drives customer preference with Looker + Braze

A great example of an organization that’s leveraging Looker and Braze to enhance their customer experience is .

With Looker and Braze, the Car Next Door teams are able to drive promotion of specific services by targeting unique customer cohorts while still having the ability to automate and/or personalize communications to increase customer engagement.

For example, say Car Next Door notices they have a surplus of convertibles. Customers who have previously borrowed convertibles can be easily identified in Looker and receive a push notification from their app, via Braze, that tells them these vehicles are available in locations near them. Using Looker, they can also prioritize which customers are contacted, so that those who’ve shown interest in convertibles in the past can be notified before those that haven’t. From there, Car Next Door marketers can create audience segments and send targeted campaigns in Braze to those specific customer groups.

Looker Blocks for Braze

Another great way to leverage Looker and Braze together is with . Looker Blocks are pre-built snippets of code that can be leveraged to accelerate the time it takes to go from analysis to insights. Blocks allow you to capitalize on the work others have done on the same datasets while enabling your teams to customize them to your specifications.

With new data streaming from Braze, Looker Blocks expedite time to value, offering:

  • Retention analysis and additional
  • Detailed funnels that can be sliced and diced by any dimension or time period
  • Marketing pressure analysis for observing and understanding your users’ engagement patterns to find the perfect cadence and channel combination

about speeding up time-to-insight with the combined power of Looker + Braze.

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