Uplevel your customer data analytics with RudderStack and Looker

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Soumyadeb Mitra, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Sep 29, 2020. The content is subject to limited support.

Offering a unique product or service experience is critical to building a strong customer base. To do this, you need a customer data model that can provide you with a detailed understanding of who your customers are.

Creating such a model can be a difficult task, though. Despite the numerous tools on the market today, many companies find it challenging to address how to best bring all of their customer engagement data together. Standard analytics tools can give you an aggregate view of interactive data like site views and clicks, but true business insights come from user-level customer data across their entire journey.

To help organizations overcome this challenge and derive better insights from their customer data, teamed up with Looker to build the . With this Looker Block, you can leverage customer event data persisted in your warehouse to perform rich, visual analytics, capture the most relevant KPIs about your customers, and learn more about their interactivity with your product or service.

Increase your understanding of customer behavior

With this Block, you can generate real-time dashboards and visualizations that capture your customers' specific behavioral traits and detail how they are using your product or service. Some of the key website and user events metrics you can track visually with this Block include:

  • User engagement metrics, such as unique visitors/users on your website or app
  • Average number of users by day or month
  • Average number of events per user and the type of these events
  • Campaign metrics and specific UTM source

The Looker block gives you a consolidated overview of the key metrics, as well as specific user engagement metrics

You also get the source and campaign metrics as well as insights around the top referrers and signups

Get started with the Customer Data Analytics Block

To get started with the RudderStack Customer Analytics Block —

  1. First, log into your Looker dashboard, and navigate to "Develop — Manage LookML Projects", after enabling the "Development Mode", as shown:
  1. Click on "New LookML Project" on the top right corner of your window

  1. Next, select the "Starting Point" as "Clone Public Git Repository" and specify the "Git Repository URL" as git://github.com/rudderlabs/looker-snowflake.git

  1. Finally, follow to set up and configure your database connection(s) with Looker.

Once you’ve configured the database connection, simply click on the "Merge & Deploy to Prod" button on the top right, and that’s it! You can now access all relevant user engagement and campaign metrics data with your new Looker dashboard.

Summing it all up

By leveraging the RudderStack Customer Data Analytics Block, you can avoid the complexities involved in accessing customer event data and instead discover new opportunities through deeper analysis that allow you to continue building strong relationships with your customers.

Want to learn more about the and use it for your customer analytics? Reach out to the or teams — we’re happy to help!

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