Segment + BigQuery launch

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Erin Franz, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Dec 8, 2016. The content is subject to limited support.

We’re excited to be a launch partner for . Both technologies have proven to be incredibly powerful for our customers, and the joint Looker-Segment-BigQuery solution encapsulates a best in breed analytics stack for any data-driven business, from small business to enterprise.

Segment makes it easy to centralize all your data

At Looker, we value the importance of using all data possible to drive the decision making. Segment has continued to make it incredibly easy to centralize data. Once they made application event data collected through their numerous integrations easily available in a data warehouse, we partnered with them to provide a joint solution leveraging Looker Blocks®. Since Segment utilizes similarities in schema structure across deployments, the Looker Blocks® for Segment model around that expected structure, providing immediate time to value Looker application. Using Looker Blocks® with data collected from Segment, it’s easy to expose insights into critical metrics such as visit duration, high-traffic content, DAU, and more.

Last April, we enthusiastically supported Segment’s launch of Sources, which allows you to extract customer data out of other tools and cloud services, and analyze it in your data warehouse. With Segment Sources like Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords combined with event data from your application, it’s easy to build out a comprehensive view of your business in one place. Over 100 Looker customers are already using Segment and Looker today, including Hotel Tonight, Bonobos, Docker and InVision.

Google BigQuery provides a fully managed, powerful data warehouse

Similar to Segment, we’ve supported Google BigQuery through incredible growth over the duration of our partnership. Since Looker pushes down all analytical workloads to the underlying database, we’ve always loved BigQuery’s architecture. Its unique multi-tenant setup ensures that your database essentially never runs out of compute power and never gets slow, which makes it ideal for companies with fast-growing data. BigQuery is also a fully managed service, which makes it great for any organization that wants to start deploying analytics company-wide quickly and easily.

Google recently announced BigQuery’s support for Standard SQL, meaning it’s now even easier to get started, especially when transitioning tech and resources from existing data workloads. With this announcement, Looker jointly announced support for BigQuery’s Standard SQL dialect. We’ve been working directly with Google to ensure the best possible experience. As a result Looker is the only BI tool that can take advantage of every function in BigQuery in its modeling layer, effectively making the power of BigQuery available to anyone in your business.

Looker makes Segment and BigQuery accessible to all your users

Based on our relationships with both partners, we were thrilled to hear that were going to offer their services together. You can now use Segment to centralize data across your application and disparate channels into Google BigQuery, which provides fast time to query in a powerful fully managed service. Looker provides the ideal data platform for this joint solution, leveraging the power of BigQuery directly to expose data exploration and visualization for all data captured by Segment. In conjunction with this launch, we’ve also created a Looker Block for Segment and BigQuery so it’s even easier to get started.

Get started with Looker, Segment, and BigQuery

Refer to the for more details on Segment Looker Blocks® or request a . To get started with Segment and BigQuery, visit and create an account today.

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