New Looker feature enhancements for the data-driven workforce

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Pedro Arellano, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Aug 11, 2020. The content is subject to limited support.

Last November, we announced our latest software version, , and our vision of empowering companies to build any data experiences they can imagine. With features like updated , new , , a managed data integration and database offering, and multicloud hosting options powered by kubernetes, Looker 7 delivers capabilities to support the demands of the data-driven workforce.

These demands increase every day, thanks to a mainstream appreciation of the value that data can bring to a business. Twenty years ago, working with data was still limited to roles that required specialized expertise. Today, everyone needs data, and it’s hard to think of a job that can’t be enhanced with it. Digital marketers, for instance, can use data to more effectively that increase or decrease bids on online ads based on performance. Data-driven product managers can leverage data to and inform decisions like where to invest development resources or explore opportunities for expansion.

But the fact that everyone needs data doesn’t mean everyone needs it the same way. A data engineer doesn’t have the same needs as an online merchant. A business analyst won’t work with data the way a customer success manager will. These roles have different objectives, different job functions, and they all work with different tools.

The understanding that different people need to work with data in different ways has guided the new Looker product features . Aimed at enhancing the work of system administrators, application builders, model developers, data analysts, and business decision makers, these features will help users and organizations alike

  • use data at greater scale while optimizing costs
  • reduce the amount of resources needed to build new
  • increase competitiveness and revenue through the development of customer-facing products, and
  • break down barriers to insights

Regardless of role or technical expertise, we’re dedicated to giving people even more ways to derive value from data, whether that involves asking questions to make data-driven decisions or fueling operational workflows with data.

Data for system administrators

Looker’s new will deliver faster and more efficient queries, helping system administrators leverage the power of the database while optimizing costs. Admins who build persistent derived tables (PDTs) can now do so in parallel, improving throughput and allowing for their more efficient use. Additionally, the improved API usage enables quicker downloads and queries that are 100 times faster, which is made even more impactful with reduced query latency thanks to the ability to share database connections.

The new elite is another feature that will help Looker system administrators retain usage and performance insights longer, analyze system activity faster, and do so at greater scale. Plus, with the new mirror groups, admins can assign roles and permissions with ease.

Data for application builders

Looker’s new suite of will help organizations improve their products’ competitive advantage and drive new revenue growth at a reduced development cost. For developers building scalable data-driven solutions, Looker’s new makes it faster and easier to include feature-rich data experiences in customer-facing SaaS products, embedded self-serve analytics in internal portals, fully-automated operational workflows, custom third-party widgets in dashboards, purpose-built administrative and developer tools, and more.

Data for model developers

A newly redesigned IDE makes model development more efficient, collaborative, and less error prone, helping developer teams manage the complexity of larger deployments. The redesigned IDE includes a new object browser interface that allows developers to scan through model objects faster. And with the new Data Dictionary, users can quickly audit all LookML fields for issues like missing descriptions or repeat fields.

Data for everyone

Looker makes it easier than ever for more people to quickly break down barriers to insights, filter data from their favorite dashboard in a few clicks, and loop it into conversations they’re already having within tools like Slack. In addition, our new , crafted in partnership with Google experts, clear the way for marketers to get up and running quickly with out-of-the-box analytics for Google Marketing Platform advertising data, Google Analytics 360 data, and Google Ads data.

We are excited to introduce these new features to help organizations deliver innovative data experiences that will enrich the work of people across the entire organization.

Click to learn more about Looker’s new capabilities, or and join our team live to talk about these latest features and updates.

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