Looker + Stitch: combine and derive immediate value from all your disparate data

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Keenan Rice, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Aug 1, 2016. The content is subject to limited support.

Looker is excited to be a launch partner for (formerly RJMetrics Pipeline).

A fully managed service, Stitch allows you to extract data from various sources and load it into a central warehouse that you connect directly to Looker.

Centralize your data with Stitch & Looker

Looker delivers a next gen BI platform that marries scalability and governance with agility and self-service. Companies can point Looker to any database and use its modeling layer and web interface to make raw, granular data accessible and explorable to the entire enterprise.

As data centralization is core to Looker’s philosophy, we rely on to offer a complete data stack by pairing best-of-breed solutions.

By using a tool like Stitch together with Looker and a fast analytical database, our customers routinely go from having data locked away in disparate sources to having a single source truth accessible to every line of business in a few days, if not hours. Stitch has for databases like MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB; SaaS applications like Salesforce, NetSuite and Facebook Ads as well as a RESTful API that lets you push raw data from any source through the pipeline. Stitch currently loads data into Redshift, with plans to add Postgres and BigQuery support in the next few months.

Looker has been partnering with Stitch since its beta release, last year. Companies like Sprig, InVision and BeenVerified all rely on Redshift, Looker and Stitch to power their analytics efforts.

Looker Blocks® for Stitch data sources

Looker Blocks® make it easy for companies to quickly deploy expertly built, tailored solutions specific to each business unit or data source. They are also a great way for partners like Stitch to make the data they are replicating into a data warehouse immediately actionable.

Stitch has built three Looker Blocks® so far - for Salesforce, Zendesk and Facebook Ads sources. These leverage Stitch’s expert knowledge of their API calls and resulting database schema, which they’ve built for simplicity and optimal performance. Each Block is then fully reviewed by Looker analysts for modeling efficiency and subject matter expertise.

The resulting Blocks offer development simplicity and unbeatable time-to-value from disparate data sources to a full suite of analyses and dashboards that jumpstart your data exploration and operations.

Example analyses employed by Looker customers:

Sales Rep and Customer Health Dashboard using Salesforce combined with Zendesk data (note the filter on a specific Sales Rep)

Sales Performance and Pipeline Projections, using Salesforce data

Facebook Advertising Performance Insights using Facebook Ads Data

Each Block is powerful on its own, but becomes exponentially more so when you join the data from disparate sources into the same analysis. By combining CRM data with your transaction database, payments and advertising data, you start to get a holistic view into your customers and unlock actionable next steps to make them more profitable.

Try Stitch & Looker

You can access the Source Blocks by reaching out to your assigned Looker analyst, or and trial.

To learn more and start centralizing your data, visit and create an account today.

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