Looker + DataVirtuality Pipes: access, integrate and explore all of your data

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Nouras Haddad, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Feb 8, 2017. The content is subject to limited support.

Looker is excited to be the exclusive launch partner for DataVirtuality’s new data integration solution - .

Pipes allows companies to access and integrate data from multiple databases and APIs (more than 100 and counting) into a central data warehouse that is directly leveraged by Looker.

Build an agile data stack with Looker and Pipes

Looker provides a next generation data analytics platform that bridges the gap between self-service, agility, governance and consistency. Most of our customers are companies operating in rapidly changing markets and undergoing hyper growth. In this sort of environment, it is crucial to build an agile data infrastructure that scales with their analytics needs; taking a few months to build a new data mart is unacceptable - by then the business needs will have evolved enough to render that mart obsolete. Traditional ETL design patterns will never keep up with the needs of such a business.

At Looker, we also believe that every company should own its data - the lifeblood of your business. That is why the Looker application does not store or move any data. Instead, we go to market with to offer a best-in-breed data platform stack usually consisting of a data integration solution, a powerful analytical database and the Looker platform. This modular stack allows companies to stay nimble and add parts as new technologies emerge.

Centralize all of your data; host it in USA or Europe

DataVirtuality Pipes shares this philosophy. It allows you to rapidly replicate data from of your source systems - databases like MySQL, MongoDB or Postgres; cloud applications like Salesforce, Adobe Analytics or Marketo; or files stored in Amazon S3, Google Sheets or Excel.

“Pipes allowed us to replace our home-grown ETL scripts with a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ solution,” said Andrey Akselrod, CTO and Founder at Smartling. “We centralized our data from multiple API sources into the data warehouse and pointed Looker to it in less than a day - I would recommend Pipes without hesitation."

Pipes also offers a choice to host your data in USA, Germany or even on your own servers - a great option if you operate under strict data privacy laws. It is also fully upgradeable to DataVirtuality’s flagship product - . When upgraded, customers can define their own extraction definitions using SQL, access data in real-time and choose from a variety of other enterprise features for more direct control.

Looker has partnered with DataVirtuality since its first release and have successfully helped build data cultures at companies like Kohler, Home24, Craftsy, Smartling and JUNIQE.

Pipes launch offer: Save 25% until 31st March 2017

See Pipes in action during the on Feb 14th held by founder and CEO Nick Golovin and receive a 25% discount on your subscription if you sign up by 31st March 2017. Sign up for the webinar, or here to sign up for a .

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