Introducing Spaces - a new way to promote info-sharing and collaboration in Looker

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Abby West, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Dec 16, 2014. The content is subject to limited support.

The ability to quickly and easily share information with the right people in your company is crucial to business success. Today, we’re introducing Spaces to make organizing and sharing your insights incredibly easy. Spaces are a great place to collect information that covers a specific topic or relates to a particular team, and allows for quick reference throughout an entire organization.

You can save two types of information to Spaces* - Looks and Dashboards. Looks are the saved queries that you can make while exploring data. When you have many Looks that you want to view together, you can to display them.

Spaces* contain a set of Looks and Dashboards that make sense together, a bit like a folder. You can easily copy, move, and save Looks and Dashboards into them. To start, each user gets her very own Space containing all the Looks and Dashboards she’s already built. We've combined the Looks and Dashboard sections into a single view, so it's easier than ever to see the insights that matter to you.

You can also create any number of new Spaces*. about a topic, and put relevant Looks and Dashboards in so others can easily see everything you've discovered about that topic, all in one place. This would also work well for a team within an organization or for a particular project that requires cross-departmental collaboration.

All Spaces* are visible to everyone in your organization, like Looks are today. This makes it easy for colleagues to quickly find information and help to facilitate collaboration across and within teams.

Consider a quick example that illustrates the power of Spaces*:

You work on a global company’s marketing team. Based out of the New York office, you want to explore the success of a recent campaign in your state. You do some Looker magic, creating a series of analyses. A first glance shows the number of orders placed during your campaign.

You get even more advanced, creating a Look that compares the click-through rate for ads you posted to three websites; another links product purchases to emails that landed at 9 am, 12 pm, and 5 pm; a third tracks the amount of inbound traffic generated by each of your social media accounts.

You quickly realize that Acme, Inc.’s ads were the most effective, the 12 pm email led to the highest number of orders, and your Instagram account generated ten times the traffic of your other networks. Great! This information will totally shape your next campaign, saving your department time, headaches, and money.

Ordinarily, these insights would be forgotten when this campaign ends. Not with Spaces*! By saving each analysis to a “New York Marketing Team” Space, your whole team will see not only results of your analyses - but also how you got there.

Better yet, each Look in your Space is a living analysis that can be easily edited and iterated on in minutes (more on why that’s possible ). This edited Look can then be saved to a new Space to share with team members who worked on that campaign.

You might even want to save these Looks to a “Global Marketing” Space - a place used by all marketing analysts across the company’s global offices. Suddenly, the time you spent analyzing one campaign has provided resources to the entire company.

By using Spaces* in Looker, organizations can save time, maximize the efforts of individual team members, and drastically improve collaboration and information sharing.

*As of August 2019, Spaces are now called folders

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