Introducing MemSQL Cloud: the real-time data warehouse for any cloud

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Erin Franz, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Jun 14, 2017. The content is subject to limited support.

Looker is excited to be a launch partner for . We’ve worked closely with MemSQL to support its real-time data warehouse as a data source as part of our strategic technology partnership, and that support can now be extended to its new cloud offering.

Why MemSQL Cloud?

Looker customers using MemSQL have already realized advantages across deployment capabilities, scaling, real-time data ingest and querying, and more. Some things that we’d love to highlight about MemSQL Cloud are:

  • Flexible deployment options: Like Looker, MemSQL Cloud offers multiple deployment options that can be tailored to your unique use case. These include:
    • A fully managed service offers a flexible and low maintenance way to use MemSQL. Hardware, software, and management services are available with an hourly or annual subscription.
    • Customer hosted and managed deployment on the public cloud, with support for popular and trusted options such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, and soon Google Cloud Platform.
    • Private cloud deployment offers the ability for customers to host in their own VPC, leveraging their internal investments.
  • Real-time performance: Streaming ingest and low latency make MemSQL Cloud ideal for real-time reporting and analytics use cases. Support for high concurrency makes it optimal for powering dashboards with high query volumes.
  • Security: MemSQL Cloud is able to maintain performance while adhering to comprehensive security requirements. Data encryption is supported both at time of ingest and when delivered across nodes.

You can find even more details about MemSQL Cloud on its .

Why Looker for MemSQL Cloud?

Looker’s core architecture directly leverages all of the advantages of MemSQL Cloud. The Looker platform connects directly to MemSQL using a standard JDBC connection, and leverages the to write SQL directly to MemSQL.

The results are then visualized in the Looker application directly or by leveraging our platform capabilities, including scheduled delivery, iframe embedding into an application or use of the Looker API.

In short, the Looker MemSQL stack makes it possible to:

  • Keep data in MemSQL: Looker doesn’t ingest or move any data from MemSQL, which means you can just leverage its enterprise-grade security.
  • Provide governed data access to everyone: Looker offers the ability for anyone to query MemSQL in a permissioned and governed way, fully taking advantage of your investment.
  • Results in real time: Since Looker queries MemSQL directly, results are as real time as the data in MemSQL. You can set up Looker dashboards to auto-refresh at the interval you’d like - down to seconds - and provide up-to-date information to your data consumers.

Interested in learning more?

Try MemSQL Cloud by requesting a demo ! And as always, request a Looker demo . Our teams are both knowledgeable on the joint solution and can get you up and running quickly.

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